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Griffins Gift  History

So what is Griffin's Gift? 
Griffin's Gift will be a no interest loan awarded to a family that has been thoroughly vetted by a Massachusetts adoption agency to be paid back to the fund over a period of 5-7 years.

During the two wonderful years that we were blessed to have Griffin in our lives, people often said to Nicole and I, "We would love to adopt, in fact we have an open bedroom in our home. But the cost! We just don't have $30-40k in our savings to use for the adoption process. We can afford to have a child, but we just don't have that type of nest egg to use." Griffin's Gift is designed to help a family or families with the costs of adoption by providing a no interest loan.

Our goal:
Obviously we are still in the foundation creation/ fundraising process and we have not yet determined the family criteria/evaluation process. However, I will be meeting with the group of friends who have come forward to help with this incredible cause in a couple of weeks to develop a more formal process.

What can you do?
Please share The webpage is up and has all the information on how people can donate. If you haven't donated, please consider giving. And finally, please talk to your friends and family about Griffin's Gift and the wonderful gift of adoption!

We are devastated by the loss of our son, but we will forever be thankful for the two years of incredible joy that Griffin gave to us! Please help us give another family that same joy!