Helping Build Families through the Gift of Adoption

Griffin's Gift

 The Lamar family suffered a terrible loss when two-year-old Griffin died in a tragic accident. Their immense suffering is shared by all who knew and loved them.  

 For two years, Griffin brought joy to his two sisters, his loving parents, the Halsted and Lamar families, and his large extended network of family and friends.  Griffin’s life was itself a gift, and to honor his memory, the Lamar family wants to support the cause that brought Griffin into their lives: adoption.

People are generally unaware of the enormous financial hurdles that individuals must jump over in order to adopt a child.  Tens of thousands of dollars are paid out even before a child is carried through the front door.  These hurdles can often prevent the adoption process from happening, as well-meaning, would-be parents are unable to afford the initial costs.

Griffin’s Gift aims to help families with the financial burden of the adoption process, making it easier for hopeful parents to welcome a child in need of a family.  Please join us in our effort to honor the brief but special life of Griffin Lamar, and to help others experience the same joy felt by the Lamar family.  

Checks can also be mailed to :

Griffin's Gift
PO Box 361
Danvers, MA 01923